A tailor-made support for your startup

Our goal :
Being a co-pilot of Your Start-up's growth

For this, we give you the possibility to :

to discharge you of all administrative, accounting, social and tax tasks to allow you to be focused on product development and new customers acquisition ;

to access to your financial and accounting datas at any time, in a reliable, complete and actionable way so you can always take the best decisions ;

to share with your dedicated accountant who will assist you in your startup’s growth on a day-to-day basis.

Pilot your startup in real time connecting all your flows to the Pennylane platform

With a few clicks, connect your startup’s bank accounts, your payroll solution, your customers’ receipts and your invoices.


connect your bank accounts, your invoicing software and your bills. We will manage the rest;

it has never been so easy to invoice and collect a customer, to pay your suppliers in one single click, but also to manage your cashflow and your business, all gathered in the same place.

Business plan, reporting and dashboards
tailor-made for you and Your Shareholders


Shareholders, Business Angels, investment funds and more broadly investors demand more transparency regarding the financial performance of your startup. To meet their expectations, AS PARTNERS offers you personalized solutions that will improve the monitoring of the financial and accounting performance of your startup such as, the implementation of reports, dashboards or even analytical accounting allowing identify flows and manage the economic and financial profitability of each project.

Built according to key indicators specific to each company, these financial tools provide the necessary perspective to manage your activity by facilitating decision-making.

Simplify the Management of your Payroll and Your HR Work

Our employees know the main issues facing startups: their strong growth is generally accompanied by numerous recruitments and / or team restructuring.

The A.S. PARTNERS firm supports you through an innovative offer to meet these challenges by offering you:

  • to use our fully digitalized payroll management platform (employee onboarding, transmission of payroll variables, sending bulletins to employees, etc.)

  • more broadly, to entrust us with the management of administrative and HR tasks.

Our organization will then allow you to save time and energy in order to concentrate on your core business.

Use our platform to digitize HR processes (employee onboarding, transmission of payroll variables, sending bulletins to employees) and entrust us with the management of administrative and HR tasks.

Employees at your entire Disposition

A dedicated employee accompanies you on a daily basis in the accounting and financial management of your company and in the resolution of your various problems.

to fundraising

Launch of an innovative product, international presence, development of a new range, etc. fundraising has established itself as an essential lever for the startup ecosystem.

As this is a complex operation, its success requires the existence of a coherent business model, a solid financial record and the respect of a certain legal formalism.

The AS PARTNERS firm supports you throughout the fundraising process, from the formalization of the business plan and the evaluation of your startup to then present a file that will convince your interlocutors and finally negotiate, draft and secure legal acts up to at the closing of the process.

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